Questions to Ask Before Getting Started with Your Install

Aluminium canopy are a complete self-supporting canopy glazing system and are available in brown and grey. It is the perfect veranda to entertain family.

Here at Canopy World, we realize how important your canopy installation is to you. It’s an investment of time and money and it’s important that your finished project is as good or better than what you have envisioned.

Once you have made the decision to go forward with your installation, you want to be certain that you know everything you need to about the job: how the final product will look, any specifications for upkeep and an assortment of other pertinent information that will help you better prepare for the work ahead.

We always advise our clients to take their time and make up a list of any questions to ask our team that they might want to be answered ahead of time. This way, you have all of the information at your disposal and are confident in the timeline of the work.

Questions to Ask Prior to A Canopy Installation

  1. How long will my installation take? Each installation project will be slightly different, and the timeline will depend on your specific requirements. Some larger projects may take a number of days or weeks while smaller projects will have a quicker turnaround time. When planning your job, you should ask in advance how long the project will take. We will be able to give you a reliable estimate for the number of hours so that we can schedule completion around your schedule with the least amount of interference to your business hours.
  2. Do I need to schedule my install around business hours? Will my install interfere with work hours? For any customer having work done at a place of business or a school, it’s important to understand that the area may be off-limits to foot traffic during completion. For example, bus awnings for a school may best be scheduled during a holiday break or over summer while for a business, it may be possible to complete one area of the building and have employees use another entrance. Your schedule should be considered along with the area where work will be done when deciding on the right timeline for your project.
  3. How do I choose the best finish/materials for this project? We at Canopy World are happy to work with our clients to find the best match in materials and finishes for their project. Some things we can take into consideration include the location and durability needs as well as cost prohibitions.
  4. Will there be any extra charges or deviations from the original plans? Usually, there will not be extra costs associated with a project but, occasionally, some unforeseeable issues can come up with any construction. Our experts will quickly expedite any information necessary for you to make the best decisions to proceed in the most cost-effective manner possible.
  5. How quickly can problems or questions be answered? We pride ourselves on great customer service and our general turnaround time on responding to questions from clients is within one business day.

Making the decision to have any large project completed is a significant commitment. It’s important that you take the time to question any area of the job that you’re not thoroughly knowledgeable about in advance so that you’re completely prepared for the work process and satisfied with the timeline. Looking to get started by getting more information? Contact us today!

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