How To Maintain Your Aluminum Canopy

How To Maintain Your Aluminum Canopy

An Awning, or Canopy, is a sought-after addition to a home or business. But they must contend with weather conditions like heat, heavy rains, snow, debris, pollution, etc. Areas, such as coastal areas, where the environment is exposed to high salinity are more vulnerable to the effects of the above. Therefore, regular maintenance is essential to ensure the longevity of the Canopy and enable you to identify any issues early on. This will help keep it in good condition.

You can extend the life of the Canopy and keep it looking in pristine condition for years by carrying out a few easy routine maintenance tasks to get the most out of your Canopy investment. Regular maintenance can be quick and simple and also helps maintain the integrity of the building.

Professional Cleaning

There's a good reason why many business Canopy owners choose to get their canopies cleaned by a contractor. Professional cleaners carry pricey equipment to guarantee a complete and high-quality service as well as the necessary tools and solutions to tackle dirt, debris, and grime. More importantly, professional cleaners are educated in using sophisticated equipment, and follow HSE guidelines for safe operations.

Maintenance Tips

Performing the necessary maintenance is a fairly simple task.
To get you started, consider the following advice on cleaning an outdoor Canopy:

  • Regularly rinse and wash your Canopy well with water and mild soap before drying it with a towel.
  • Clear the debris out of your drain holes and gutters frequently.
  • Use gentle cleaning cloths instead of abrasive or harsh materials.
  • Carry out the maintenance work in a temperate environment. Poor cleaning results could result from the temperature being excessively high or cold.

Clean And Wash Your Canopy Regularly

Heavy rains can frequently remove any light dirt build-up, but the Canopy may look older and less attractive with heavier dirt and dust collection. Avoid using harsh, abrasive chemicals while maintaining your aluminium Canopy by regularly washing and cleaning it.

Protection From Water Damage

It's important to ensure water drains off the Canopy and into working gutters and downspouts because canopies are made to keep water off buildings. Naturally, one of the main goals should be to keep the gutters free of debris.

Canopy World's canopies are equipped with drain holes and pipes for excess water to overflow, preventing water retention and extensive structural damage.

However, in some cases, we observe leaks caused due to improper drainage due to lack of maintenance.
Water retention can be avoided by regularly cleaning the top of your Canopy, beams, and columns. An easy way to prevent water retention is to clear out debris or use a water hose to push out any materials clogging the drain holes.

Protect Against Winter Damage

All kinds of elements, including ice, snow, and dried leaves, are attracted to the fall and winter seasons. To keep your Canopy in perfect form all year long, it is crucial to remove these as soon as they appear because they may quickly build up quickly. Although it might appear difficult, skilled cleaners can do it with ease.

Protection From Mildew

Mildew buildup can be a problem in some regions. Any surface of a building that hasn't been properly maintained can develop mildew. Mildew typically appears as black patches, and it may be cleaned up with a soft, abrasive-free cleaning sponge or cloth and a mild soap solution. Avoid using strong alkaline or acidic cleansers and abrasive items like steel wool, as they can wear down Canopy finishes.

Mildew? I hear you ask! Can Mildew form on aluminium?
No, aluminum itself cannot grow Mildew because it is an inorganic material that does not provide nutrients for Mildew to grow.
Mildew is unable to digest inorganic materials (such as concrete, glass, and metal), but it can digest and grow on the dirt, dust, and organic residue that accumulates on them.
Hence the importance of regular maintenance.

Avoid Fastener Stains (Bolts And Screws)

In some situations where fasteners are visible, there is no risk of discolouration because the fasteners used in our constructions are made of stainless steel. Canopy World's canopies are often fitted with covered connections to eliminate exposed fasteners.

Fastener stains shouldn't be an issue, but if they are, it's advised to replace the fastener right away to avoid discolouration.

Cleaning of the Polycarbonate Glazing Sheets

Use a soft, grit-free cloth or sponge to gently wash the sheet in a solution of mild soap and warm water to remove any dirt or grime. Rinse well with clean water to get rid of any leftover dirt, grime and soap. A proprietary glass cleaner should NEVER be used.

General Inspections

Typically, there is little to no significant dirt accumulation on aluminium coatings. In many locations, dirt or soil does not pose a substantial risk to the coating, yet, surface cleaning is preferred for aesthetic reasons. Rainfall may occasionally be sufficient for keeping smooth and shining outside surfaces in place. Still, it does not replace the necessity for a regular maintenance program, whether professional or internal.

Regular maintenance should be carried out every three months, and cleaning should occur at least once every 1.5 months in coastal (and other) regions where the environment is subjected to high saline.

In Conclusion

Most of the maintenance procedures mentioned above are often quick and simple to complete, and regular scheduled maintenance extends the lifespan of your Canopy.

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