Cleaning Polycarbonate Glazing

When choosing materials for constructing and manufacturing items ranging from skylights and clear barriers to greenhouses and aquariums, it is important to know you have options.

While glass has been a long-standing traditional choice, it is not necessarily the best choice for fulfilling specific needs such as weight, strength, design flexibility, and ease of installation.

If you are planning to make a DIY terrace or patio cover and are not sure whether to use polycarbonate or glass, it is worth bearing in mind the weight difference. Because polycarbonate is very light and is virtually unbreakable, it will not do much damage if part of the roof falls. Polycarbonate is also less expensive than glass and is much easier to work with.

We want to break down some of the key reasons why choosing polycarbonate over glass can be the best solution for you.

What Are the Advantages of Polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate sheet has become very popular because of their extreme durability and resistance to harsh conditions, especially when compared to glass. Glass can be easily broken and damaged, causing a potentially hazardous situation. Polycarbonate can save you time, money, efficiency and significantly reduce the risk of injury when replacing glass in buildings and construction.