Canopies/Awnings - Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ page, where we answer your most important questions about aluminium canopies and bespoke canopy solutions. If you are curious about the benefits of custom-made aluminium canopies, you have come to the right place. We are here to provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions about these versatile and durable structures. Explore the answers to common inquiries and discover how aluminium canopies can enhance your outdoor spaces and add functionality to your property.

Discover the key differences between off-the-shelf options and bespoke canopy designs, and find out how our experts can tailor an aluminium canopy to your specific requirements. From materials and construction to design and installation, we will cover it all to ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of the world of aluminium canopies. So, whether you are searching for information on aluminium canopies or want to explore the advantages of a custom-built solution, you will find your answers here.

Based on a 1.5m projection, 3m width (4.5 sqm), the average Patio Cover/Awning can cost approx. £1,200.

While high-end, bespoke Patio Cover based on 3m projection, 5m wide 15 sqm cost approx. £3,800, Freestanding Patio Covers or Gazebos can cost approx. £4,500. Expect to pay around £100 extra for lighting and £400-1,000 for installation*, please be aware we currently have a 'Summer Offer' of up to 25% off. (Price is including VAT)

Please be advised that we are a local business that is providing you with personalised service with a 10-year warranty*. It is a high-end completely bespoke design service; every single project will be unique, and a bespoke 3D-Drawing is provided with every project.

Our canopy system is made up of a high-strength powder-coated aluminium frame and clear solid heavy-duty polycarbonate glazing (other colours available soon), in all, a much stronger and premium glazing system and framework. It also includes gutter and rainwater drain, modern design in detail.

Our local coverage is within the Greater Manchester area, so if you live within this area, we are able to visit your house/installation site for a better design idea and quote.

Yes, we do have some canopy systems installed on-site, and you more than welcome to visit us. We are located just off Aston Old Road, Manchester.

Yes, we have. Our design team never stops developing and creating new designs. For more information please do not hesitate to visit our shop or search our website.

Yes, we do, but our main focus is supplying to builders and installers.

Yes, we do provide installation or fitting services nationwide. We are also happy to instruct the installation if you have trusted third-party constructors. However, all our canopies have been designed to be installed by a professional builder or a competent DIY handyman. Any installation should be done by a professional tradesperson or builder.

All canopies come with detailed Assembly Instructions. With all canopies, you will need at least two people to install the canopy and with some, you may need to install the posts underground so some "setting out" may be required. If you are in any doubt, then please either contact a qualified builder or call the Sales Office. Or if you would prefer, we can refer you to one of our trusted installers.

A typical installation of a 6m x 2.5m Patio-Cover will take two trained people one working day.

End consumer must contact us (if bought directly from us) or the retailer or builder with a receipt if your product is damaged or broken within warranty. We accept no responsibility for any damages done during installation. This is a contract between you and the builder/installer.

Our canopies are made from aluminium frames that are naturally rust-resistant. It comes with a choice of two colours and a choice of Standard or High-Strength Aluminium frame. The glazing is made of heavy-duty impact-resistant polycarbonate.

As we do a completely bespoke service our canopies can be manufactured to any width with a projection of up to 6m, depending on the product chosen.

A cantilever structure, like our awnings, is a rigid structural element that extends horizontally and is supported at only one end. Typically, it extends from a flat vertical surface such as a wall, to which it must be firmly attached. [Wikipedia]

That depends very much on the wall structure it is fitted on. Our Awnings can stretch out up to 2.2 meters (Projection) but we will normally make them 1.2-1.5 meters out.

Projection refers to how far the canopy will extend away from the wall. It doesn't take the pitch into consideration and is measured as if the tape measure is flat on the floor underneath it.

Canopy Measurements

Canopies are measured in metric (metres and cm). The width is classed as the length of the canopy along the wall and the measurement from the building out to the gutter section is classed as the projection.

Canopy Measurements

Imperial to Metric Conversion Tool

You can use the calculator below to convert feet and inches to meters.



Yes, they not only add value and functionality to your garden or premises but also create a great opportunity to have additional cover from the weather.

VAT is chargeable, but all prices here are listed excluding VAT.

Shipping is not included. Please contact the sales office to confirm delivery charges.

We ship your order using our carrier service. All products are well packed, and we will advise you of the date of delivery. Delivery within the Greater Manchester area is Free of charge, a fee is payable for delivery to the rest of the UK. (£1 per mile, minimum charge £60)

You can place an order by:

You can also see the ordering process here

A Typical Standard Patio-Cover Canopy i.e. 6m x 2.5m will take two trained people one working day, but this is depending on the type of property/business premise. When ordering you will be advised by the Builder/Installer how long the installation will take.

Please allow 2 weeks from confirmation of order for your order to be delivered.

We ship your order using our carrier service. All products are well packed, and we will advise you of the date of delivery. Delivery within the Greater Manchester area is Free of charge, a fee is payable for delivery to the rest of the UK. (£1 per mile, minimum charge £60)

Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver at a nominated time. Therefore, to avoid delays of installation we suggest arranging the delivery before you are due to install.

Our canopy frames are made from powder-coated aluminium which means that they are very strong and virtually maintenance-free. They will not rust and do not need to follow up with treatments or painting.

To keep the Canopy in pristine condition we recommend from time to time the following cleaning tips

  • Keep Gutters free from debris, i.e. fallen leaves to ensure water flows directly into the outlet
  • Any dirt or marks on the supporting beams can be removed using warm water with washing up liquid and a soft cloth
  • A build-up of bird droppings or dirt on the roofing sheets can also be removed using warm soapy water
  • You may find it easier to use a long-handled brush and a step ladder. Some canopies are strong enough to walk on, but we recommend you use a crawler board to evenly spread out the load. Please ensure your own safety when on top of the canopy or when using ladders, and if possible, have another person with you.
The average domestic canopy is 5M x 2.5M = 12.5 square metres, so it would not require planning permission. This is the case for most domestic requirements; however, local regulations may apply depending on your area.
To learn more, please visit the UK Planning Portal to learn about planning permissions for carports, canopies and other outbuildings. You may also try this interactive link.

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