Comparing Aluminium vs Wood – do you know all of the facts?

There is no denying – Wood offers properties with a distinctively elegant finish. It slots seamlessly into a traditional home, or its natural colouring means it can add a softer edge to those with more of a modern design. But, if you are considering wooden doors or windows, the question beckons – have you thought of aluminium as an alternative?

Aluminium is a very flexible metal; it is recognised for being both lightweight and flexible. Aluminium also can be cast, melted, formed, machined, and extruded which mean it can be manufactured into various shapes and processed to suit a variety of uses. In recent years, the use of aluminium has become more popular due to its flexibility and strength, especially with the advantages it has to offer.

Let us look closer at the differences between aluminium and wood and run through and address the key concerns we have come across:


Wooden furniture & fixtures require much higher maintenance compared to if you are choosing furniture & fixtures from aluminium material. Aluminium furniture and fixtures only require minimal maintenance due to aluminium materials are waterproof, insectproof, fireproof, durable, low cost as well as low maintenance.


Granted, Wood is naturally a durable material… though just not as strong as aluminium. This means that the sightlines of aluminium systems can be slimmer and panel sizes can often be larger, helping maximise the glass and light in a home rather than in a wooden profile.

Corrosion Resistance

Aluminium is a corrosion-resistant metal that naturally generates a protective coating. The coating formed is extremely thin and is generated when aluminium meets an oxidising environment. This protective aluminium oxide layer helps protect the surface of the metal from corrosion. Additionally, getting surface treatment such as painting, or anodising can further improve the overall corrosion resistance of the metal. Hence, aluminium kitchen cabinets, windows & doors are not easily corroded compared to wooden material.


Waterproof is a big plus for aluminium compared to the wooden ones. This is because if there are any spills on aluminium material it will just stay on the surface and can be easily wiped off. So, by choosing aluminium for house furniture or fixtures, homeowners do not have to worry if spills getting soaked up and do damage to house furniture and fixtures like wooden ones.

Long life

Furniture & fixtures from aluminium material are much stronger and will last longer than wooden ones. Aluminium offers exceptional strength for long-lasting durability. Given the upkeep that is needed with Wood, its lifespan and guarantee tend to be around half of what aluminium systems tend to be. As standard, we offer a guarantee of 10-years, meaning that not only is it a green choice, but you will need to replace it far less frequently.


Aluminium furniture & fixtures such as windows, kitchen cabinets or awnings are far more affordable than wooden options, especially if you are on a strict budget, then aluminium may be the best material for you. Wooden window frames tend to be more expensive than other materials. Plus, the extra cost of continual maintenance also adds to the total cost.

Practical Benefits of Aluminium VS Wood & uPVC

  • The hard surface provided by aluminium is impervious to denting and weathering
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Easy to maintain
  • Increases the home’s level of security
  • Meets the highest standard for air and water infiltration and structural integrity
  • Aluminium can be manufactured to meet many architectural specifications that plastic windows cannot match.
  • Traditional aluminium window frames have become the primary choice for light or heavy commercial buildings such as schools, restaurants, and government buildings.

In conclusion, aluminium material possesses high strength as they do not warp or rot, are lightweight, flexible and are also available in many different shapes, sizes & finishing. Last but not least, as we all know the design of aluminium furniture & fixtures more suit modern designed homes rather than wooden.


Key Points AluminiumWood
WaterproofWaterproofNon waterproof
FireproofFireproofNon fireproof
Insect ProofInsect proofNon insect proof
Corrosion ResistanceHighLow
DurabilityLong lastingShort-lived