What is the difference between Aluminium and a uPVC framework?

For quite some time, uPVC has been seen as the low-maintenance, cutting-edge option, but there are many reasons why aluminium glazing systems outperform PVC framework and doors, resulting in a better investment in your home.

Aluminium framework can last for a lifetime

Aluminium glazing is not a careless purchase; you will never need to replace it within a few years, even within a few decades!

Aluminium is extremely strong and resilient and is highly resistant to corrosion, capable of standing up to the elements. While a uPVC framework may require periodic maintenance, you can rest assured that aluminium systems will be providing style and quality without compromise.

Improved energy efficiency for your home

Thermally broken aluminium framework offer surpasses uPVC framework for energy efficiency repeatedly. A thermal break ensures that the aluminium surface cannot be affected by external temperatures, preventing it from becoming a source of heat loss for your home in colder months and even condensation. You will find the majority of our aluminium framework feature thermal breaks, along with insulated cavities.

Highly attractive material

Your home is your castle; so understandably you want to make it look its best. There is no contest between aluminium and uPVC in terms of aesthetics. Capable of being shaped into smooth, slim sightlines, this modern framework can provide a truly contemporary finish to your property’s exterior. If you are planning an especially ambitious extension or renovation to your home, aluminium systems have the 'wow factor' that uPVC just can't compete with.

Capable of holding larger glass panes

Aluminium is a much stronger material than uPVC and can subsequently hold frames that are not only thinner and sleeker but bigger too; allowing more light into the property and making living spaces feel fresher and more spacious. If you are looking to create a closer connection between your home’s interiors with its surroundings, our aluminium framework can create impressive living areas and distinct architectural features for your property.


Aluminium Framework: Slightly more expensive, but they last for ages and are a good long-term investment. From a design point of view, they are modern and stylish with sleek profiles and sightlines and have a wide area of usage.

uPVC Framework: Affordable to install, uPVC window frames are stylish and – thanks to advances in plastic technology - come in a variety of colours. Their subtle appearance is ideal for older properties and listed homes.